A unique spot that combine eco-tourism and marine tourism in Porto Palermo, a superb bay in the south of Albania, on the Albanian Riviera, one of the most beautiful coastlines of the Ionian sea and just in front of Corfu. A peaceful village with twelve bungalows, surrounding by wild nature and a very clean and clear blue sea.
This is the right place for everyone who likes the quite surroundings, sound of the sea and a fresh sea breeze, unspoiled underwater world, fantastic for snorkeling and diving.


(Approx 8 km south from Ali Pasha’s Castle – approx. 25 minutes on the Vlora-Saranda National Road)
From Ali Pasha’s Castle travelers may continue southward to the Castle of Borsh, home to the only mosque along the Riviera. Be prepared for a 15-20 min steep walk uphill to reach the castle from the main road.

Borsh Castle is an ancient fortification originally built in the fourth century B.C. by the Epirote-Illyrian tribes. The castle was heavily damaged during the barbarian invasions of the fifth and sixth centuries A.D., and it was rebuilt in the Middle Ages at which time it took the
name of Sopoti Castle, before becoming known as Borsh Castle. In 1417 the castle was seized by the Ottomans who later restored it in the 18th century. The castle occupies a surface area of 5 hectares and is surrounded by large stone blocks which are three meters wide.


From the sandy beach you can swim to other small beaches, snorkeling to caves or scuba dive to explore the underwater world of this beautiful bay. From time to time it is also possible to make boat trips by a catamaran sailing ship, fish, snorkel and reach lonely sandy beaches.

Special is also a visit to the well preserved castle of Ali Pasha, based on an island in the bay and in walking distance from the bungalows.Trekking in the mountains is another option. Small or longer trips can be made to forests and mountain villages, where time did’t change life a lot. The coast road is ideal for biking.

Day trips can be made along the coastline, known as the Albanian Riviera, which is one of the most beautiful in the whole Ionian Sea, with nice villages and unspoiled beaches.