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Here are some important info about Ecoturist  place in Agave Village​​

Palermo bay is one of the most beautiful place of Ionian sea ( one of the 10-th best place in the world by Huffington post newspaper, see article about Porto Palermo, Albania).

National road pas 80 m down of village. Have 4 busies every day that pas  from Tirana-Saranda and inverse in this line

The sea is 100 m down  where have sandy beach or rocky beach and cave beach (as Robinson Cruzo, because none is around it).  150 m in the left is harbor for yachts, fisher boat and other boat; in the front  (300 m ) is e peninsula with a medieval castle of Ali Pasha (very good protected and very visited ).The entrance ticket cost 0,8 EU per person.

Around of the village is only nature  surrounded by agave plant (no disco around, no shops,  no noise only wave of the sea and noise of wind that is special only in Porto Palermo bay,  this is because in Agave village haven’t mosquitoes at all).



Parking is free and have place all time,

Restaurant is 20 m down of village ( private, not from Agave village), where Internet (wi fi) is free

But  you can use also the common kitchen of the village where the fire and the kitchen tools are free;

The nearest village (with supermarket) to buy anything is 3,5 km far (Qeparo). If you have not   the car you can use bike that we offer

The nearest  city, Himara, is 5,5 km far (In  July and August very crowded but have Hospital other services etc)

Around have a lot of fruits trees that mean have different insects, that feed on fruits. Among the most insidious insects are bees and herbs that mean that those who come with small children should evaluate this fact in advance or take security measures. If you bring any medicament, better, but in Agave village you can find several medicaments.


In Agave village offer by rent, bikes, diving equipment (accompanied by a short course and underwater instructer guide), snorkel equipment (ABC), underwater photo, canoe,  small boat, (gomone),  beach bed, etc.

Activities: trip in the sea by canoe, snorkeling or diving, trip in the mountain, in the village nearby in other ancient  castle nearby (from 4-10 km far), visit Saranda (37 km), Butrinti (famous ancient city ,60 km), Blue Eye (nature monument 55 km), Gjirokastra (museum city,  75 km) far from Porto Palermo.

The most frequented tourists in Agave village are from France (40%), Italy (40%), Germany (10%), Poland(10%).

Albanian tourists usually prefer other kind of accommodation conditions

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